Saturday, November 14, 2009

Show Me the Law

Anyone who still believes our present income tax is constitutional should watch the video above.

The point is that an un-apportioned direct tax upon our income is grossly unconstitutional. Furthermore I make the following two claims:

1. you are not legally obligated to pay income tax, unless your income is derived from the federal government. You will not have to go to court the IRS will not even challenge it.

2. You can get a full refund of your last three years of the income tax you have already paid.

Notice what I said in that number 2. You will get a refund of the money he had already paid.

To those who call me crazies, a wacko, a conspiracy theorists, or any other goofy thing, I have just one question; how much do you want to bet?.

That's is, show me the law that requires non-government workers pay an income tax.put up or shut up, show me the law.

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