Monday, December 7, 2009

The Huge Mistake

This video, produced by EPA enforcement attorneys speaking on their own personal behalf, explains why cap-and-trade, while applicable for acid rain, will not work for climate change. It explains why a fee-and-dividend approach is more appropriate and will benefit the environment and the economy. Economists call this the "double dividend."

The video is divided into three sections.

1. The Big Lie which is that cap-and-trade will work for climate change. The reality is that cap-and-trade works great for acid rain, but would not work for climate change.

2. The Big Rip-Off which discusses how carbon offsets make things even worse because they can be easily gamed and because all the money will flow to the cheapest offsets.

3. The real solution which discusses fee-and-rebate which provides a double benefit, helping both the environment and economy.

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