Sunday, January 31, 2010

Trade Update: GS

We are short Goldman Sachs by a quarter position from $162.50. I said in the update that I would add under support of $150. Well that is exactly where Goldman Sachs rests as of close of market on Friday. It closed at $147.50. If it fails to rally back above $150 we will add another one quarter position to the short side.

I speculated that Goldman Sachs would fall back just in time for the bonus stock issuance to its insiders. As noted in the previous update it did precisely that. To some that might sound like conspiracy theorists, but I deal and conspiracy facts and I have seen this detail why the dog way too many times to ignore it now. I wasn't wrong about conspiracy I just vastly underestimated gravity. I will let Ellen Brown explain it and as you'll see this time the consequences are much graver than losing some money on a trade. Once again Goldman Sachs is putting the entire country at risk, but this time they may just take the whole damn thing down.

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