Sunday, June 19, 2011


"You buy when there is blood in the streets," said Nathan Rothshild who spread the rumor that Napoleon had won at Waterloo, which drove the perceived value of his government's consorts to worthlessness. Just a few hours latter Nathan's henchmen bought up the consorts for pennies on the pound thus making him the wealthiest man in England before the truth was learned.

"You buy when there is blood in the streets," and if there is none, then you gut the nation-state and spill it all over there. In Greece there is blood in the streets and it was spilled there by none other than one of its own. And as the blood runs in Greece men like Steve Forbes and John Paulson meet to divvy up the scraps, right down to the bone.

When financial media magnate Steve Forbes, and hedge fund manager John Paulson ran in to another Wall Street insider Max Keiser, they invited him in on the blood feast. Instead Keiser outted the insiders and gave the world a good look at their ugly brand of capitalism.
And once again, I said, I was in constitution square last night and I talked with Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine, in the [Grande] Bretagne Hotel, who is there with the International Chamber of Commerce. There they are planning the destruction of Greece and buying assets for pennies on the dollar. That's not helpful for the jackals of the global rich to be circling Greece, looking for bargains.

Steve Forbes and the International Chamber of Commerce can maybe wait to see how this resolves itself before they fly in and try to pick apart the carcass. It's not a helpful sign, it looks very bad obviously, it reflects very poorly on America.

To the Greeks it doesn't simply reflect poorly. It looks like betrayal into debt slavery. Betrayal because the debt was stealthily thrust upon them by Prime Minister George Papandreou.
An even more bizarre and unreal story from Covering Delta of the Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou and other MPs are being accused by Panos Kammenos MP of treason. According to that article, the Hellenic Postbank, a public banking arm of the Greek government, oddly purchased a $1.3 billion worth of credit default swap (CDS) to insure against a default of the Greek government in spring and summer of 2009 (so indirectly, the government bought protection against its own default?), and those CDS was then subsequently sold in December of 2009 to a private firm named IJ Partners for $40 million. Naturally, as the Greek debt crisis is getting progressively worse, the CDS in question is probably worth $27 billion today. The problem is, this IJ Partners is apparently owned by connected parties of none other but George Papandreou

Trapped between a traitorous Prime Minister, stubbornly insisting on paying debts that they do not owe, with their infrastructure, mineral rights, even their Greek islands, being picked through by greedy men in back rooms, the Greeks have done the most unexpected thing. They have, come off of their knees, and gone running into the streets. There peaceful protesters were violently attacked by police provocateurs.
So, there is another dimension that doesn't get enough play. Let me add another quick note; I was in constitution square last night in Athens. I was a first-hand witness of the demonstration, and the Athenian police, dressed up in black, were beating the poor peaceful demonstrators in Athens, and I found that behavior not helping the situation what so ever.

It is more than a dispersal tactic, it is an intimidation tactic that has already failed as has George Papandreou. His ties to and secret meetings with Goldman Sachs and George Soros have been exposed. His attendance at prior Bilderberg meetings will serve him ill in the future. Any democratically elected government that has to provocateur and tear gas the very people that it pretends to represent has already lost power.

Thanks to the likes of Mr. Panos Kammenos, Max Keiser and Bob Chapman, the Greeks are throwing off the debt bondage, and as the bondage slips off debt scheme unravels. This is
a predicament for the banks the likes of which Nathan Rothchild could never have dreamed. Even Goldman Sachs who helped the Greek government hide it's debt just so it could
enter the euro zone, could feel the sting of the Greek uprising.

For the Greeks everything is crystal clear. They know what they must do and they know what they must not do. For once it is the bankers, and their minions, who are running scared and confused. Nothing is yet settled, but for now it is their oldest most trusted strategy that has come unraveled.

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you need to reset your brain and go straight into rehab

Forbes and Paulson, running into and inviting a known conspiracy junkie to their feast? journalist and conspiracy broadcaster Max Keiser is now a Wall Street insider and gets invited to feast with Forbes and Paulson?

how ridiculous can this be?

your neurons have no connection with each other

stop this consistent BS, otherwise I will have to publicly write on facebook my comments on your ridiculous posts