Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trade Alert: MON

Take a look at the 52-week chart of Monsanto Co MON, the evil producer of agent orange and the infertile genetically engineered demon seed. You can see the clear double bottom formed at $45 which was confirmed on a break above $65. Say what you want about this genetic engineer of weapons grade food products that double bottom coupled with the moving average crossover at $60 scream buy me. I only hesitate because of the thin volume and decreasing stochastics. Ideally we would like to wait until the stochastics bottom out and turn up. If that happens the stock should be between $60 and $65 roughly. We will keep our eye on the chart of Monsanto. While plenty of others keep both eyes peeled on the company itself.

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Anonymous said...

cant believe this still up is this what your for tell us to make money on seeds blood