Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Live Trade: GS

Take a look at the 30 day chart of Goldman Sachs in the daily time frame. You can see the breakout of the down trend line from July 7 until the yesterday's close. Trendline breaks often signify change in direction, but Goldman Sachs has more bullish news going for it.

Look at yesterdays trading action, where Goldman Sachs all the way down to $126 and resentence. The shares sold off and traded below hundred $30 the entire session. But now look at the huge red volume stick. The volume was about 15 million shares or about three times the 50 day moving average. This could be an indicator of exhaustion selling. The point of exhaustion selling simply is that when all of the sellers have sold there's only one way for the shares to go. Today Goldman surged $4.78. So, the heavy selling volume of yesterday followed by the run-up to they could be an indication of turnaround. When you throw into the next the fact that all of this action is occurring at around $130 which is been long-term support for Goldman Sachs the plot thickens.

I don't want to take a full position until Goldman Sachs is above its 50 day moving average at least. But right now it's take in one quarter position or 25 shares at $133.70. But this stop just below yesterday's close at $127.50.

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