Thursday, July 14, 2011

Obama bin Laden

President Obama says he cannot guarantee the 27 million Social Security checks can be mailed August 3 without an increase in the debt ceiling. Need it be pointed out that this was a threat not a warning. Raising the debt ceiling is no more important to the Social Security checks than the bailout of the monster banks was to the economy three years ago. Remember we were guaranteed financial collapse and martial law if we failed to bailout the same banks who caused the credit collapse of 2007. Don't be fooled by the shrill in the reporter's voice, this is just more of the same.

President Obama could guarantee the Social Security checks, he could selectively default. He could default on the debt owed to the Federal Reserve. Every year the majority of all US income tax receipts go directly to the federal reserve to repay the interest on money it printed out of thin air. Well, an obvious solution is to repay the interest with the same kind of money. I.e. default to the Fed. Actually it would be no default at all and it would generate $1.6 trillion that we could use to make sure those who paid into Social Security get what they legally deserve.

Any president as concerned with the welfare of the nation's Social Security recipients would have implemented that strategy long ago. Instead president Obama goes on national TV to terrorize the nation into giving in again to the largest welfare recipients to print and distribute the debt out of thin air.

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