Friday, November 28, 2008

Set it Off!

Following up on my speculation in Obama Will Never Take Office let me add to the mix this hypothesis, What if John Mc Cain is ruled not to be a naturalized US citizen? SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF long enough to watch this short video on Naomi Wolf's "TEN STEPS TO CLOSE DOWN A SOCIETY" and ask yourself this, given where we are is martial law really that crazy.

Recall that, first there were attacks made against Obama citizenship which could easily be passed off as machinations from the far right, until you realized that the supreme court thinks it serious enough to hold a hearing on it December 5. Then counter attacking claims were made against John Mc Cain's citizenship, just a little tit for tat I thought at first.

But what if the Supreme Court rules that both McCain and Obama are ineligible because of their citizenship status, who becomes President? Do the Supreme appoint Cheney? Would that set off civil unrest and an excuse for martial law?

I expect the December 5, hearing to be a stall for more time, a hearing to plan the next hearing thing, then sometime between December 5, and January 20, the court will drop some sort of a bomb along the lines of the above. I hope I'm wrong, but I will keep my ears covered and eyes wide open between those dates.

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