Thursday, November 27, 2008

They All Know About Obama

Most of the claims that Obama is not a naturalized have to do with forged birth certificate and come from the far right. Here is a seemingly sane analysis which claims that he was a citizen, but then forfeited that citizenship by traveling to Kenya. There is interesting in it's own right. But citizenship is not the issue!

Unless you think the entire FBI shovels donuts into their face all day long, then you know this is something that should and probably was discovered by a routine FBI background check. Then the fact that it's being brought out after the campaign means that they sat on it. why?

It's just my loony speculation, but eight years of systematic decimation of constitutional rights and the implementation of martial law all for what; to not use it. Think about how absurd that sounds.

We know how these guys think, they always need a fig leaf no matter how transparent e.g. weapons of mass destruction. I don't know all the details, but I think the fig leaf to hid behind when they declare martial law, will be  something like this:

1) we have a constitutional crisis (the one we just created), the Supreme court will decide the next President, not to be Obama. From this the neo-connected, illuminated, new worldly ones will hope for outbreaks of civil dis obedience, sporadic rioting anything to excuse the declaration of martial law.

2) they impelment martial law, then go to town. I will be getting out of town.

Personally I think they give the people too much credit, they will all be too busy watching football or survivor to think about moving off their fat asses to riot.

As a backup the government may contract FOX news to do a riot scene on some back lot somewhere and pass it off for the real rioting

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