Thursday, August 11, 2011

Market Watch:IBM

Well, I said it but unfortunately I did not trade it. I predicted that IBM could slide all the way back to $160 share.

But the first stopping place looks like it might be $160 from the chart. You can see how it sprang off of that level last month. So, I would not be surprised to see IBM back down testing $160 again.
Then we entered a short position on IBM, but unfortunately we got out at $169.79.

Sell 1/4 IBM @ $175.25
Buy stop at $169.79

Sell 1/4 IBM @ $177.73
Buy stop at $169.79

Prior to that we shorted IBM the night before its biggest one-day gain ever. At least the biggest one I could find on the chart, and we were stopped out.

Short 1/4 IBM at $174.22
Buy 1/4 IBM @ $182.75

But now IBM looks like it might want to bounce off of support at $160. Let's keep an eye out to see what it does.

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