Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Trade Update: SLV

Despite the pervading economic conditions SLV remains stuck beneath stubborn resistance at $40, but that can change soon. Notice the moving average crossover early last month. When the 50 dma crossed under the 100 dma it was bearish. But notice how the blue line is closing the gap with the red line. It looks like another moving average crossover is setting up and it could occur right at $40. It's hard to say just where the moving averages will cross over, but the fact that SLV is trading above them both is significant.

We want to complete or position in SLV on any break above $40. Given the surrounding inflationary fundamentals I would not be surprised to see SLV break $40 and break it with force. So, you will have to watch it closely in order not to miss it. Either put in a limit order for $40, or better yet buy your remaining half position (50 shares in out case) on any break of $40.

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